quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009


Bom, pessoal... Um video para descontrair um pouquinho!

Sing along!

Well, just begin my way down the nerve axon (yeah, yeah)
I’m making my way, way down to the synaptic button
I’m just an action potential rolling down the nerve cell and throw the end
And there are some little critters that are technically called neurotransmitters
Yeah, they are released from pre-synaptic vesicles into the synapse
They travel across the transmembrane space and act at the postsynaptic receptors

Cause EPSPs if they are excitatory
Or vice versa for inhibitory neurotransmitters, they can cause IPSPs
But either way they cause some trouble on the other side
Yeah, we got neurotransmitters
Oh, yeah, I fucking love neurotransmitters

Oh, well we’ve got dopamine, serotonin,
We’ve got GABA, my personal favorite
Off course, there’s noradrenalin

Dopamine is released from the terminals by cocaine, a hell off a drug
And serotonin imbalanced cause depression
That’s why there are so many drugs that potentiate or inhibit its re-up taking
Yeah, we’ve got GABA
Alcohol potentiates its actions on the GABA receptors by binding allosterically
And noradrenalin, oh shit, neurotransmitters speaks for itself
Yah, it’s adrenalin
Getting adrenalin rush

Singing about neurotransmitters
Oh, everyday
I mean, shit, they help you walk, they help you run, they help you play,
Do any damn thing you like

When they go bad, you get disappointing mental disorders
But for now we’re just gonna think about the happy times
I love neurotransmitters!

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